Kismet Film Company Ltd.

Unstoppable: Sean Scully & The Art of Everything

Director: Nick Willing
Producer: Michele Camarda
Cinematographer: Juvenal De Figueiroa
Music by Madison Willing
Production Company: Kismet Film Company Ltd for BBC Films

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A year in the life of abstract artist Sean Scully as he flies around the world to open 15 major museum exhibitions - a journey that also reveals his extraordinary life story. Now, at the age of 73, Scully opens up about his unique experiences spanning 55 years in an often hostile art world,
how he built a reputation from nothing, having grown up penniless on the streets of Dublin and London, often homeless as a child and running with street gangs as a teenager, to turn his striped paintings into the huge success they are today.

Country: United Kingdom
Running Time: 84 minutes
Released: 2019
Genre: Arts Documentary

Location: London, UK
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